Do Russia know about The “African committee for support of Vladimir Putin”?

Африканский-комитет-поддержки-Владимира-Путина_Comite-Africain-de-soutien-a-Vladimir-PoutineDecades after most African countries freed from colonialism, the peoples of the Black Continent continue to support the policy of Russia, which is based primarily on humanity. The sympathy for Russia is growing in diplomatic circles of African countries. The reason for this growth can be found including in the article “50 Years of Freedom: Moscow – The Capital of Pan-African Parliament”.
Concerning the no diplomatic citizens of Africa, we can note various initiatives that aim at promoting cooperation among the peoples of Africa and Russia. One of them is the creation of a movement to support the Russian Federation Leader – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
A few years later its born in the heart of Africa, it is appropriate to ask: “Do Russia know about The” African Committee for Support to Vladimir Putin? “

Я верю и призываю к развитию российско-африканского сотрудничества / Je crois et j'encourage la promotion de la coop?ration russo-africaine / I believe and I encourage the promotion of Russian-African cooperation

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